Saturday, October 25, 2003

Petitioning the Village of Hinsdale for Additional Platform Tennis Courts

This week we begin a petition drive, asking the Village of Hinsdale to act on its plans for platform tennis that were approved in 2001 (2-1/2 years ago!). Here's that plan (all 15 Megabytes):

Our initial goal will be to collect 500 signatures to present to the Parks & Recreation Commission. Paddle players are asked to solicit signatures of adult Hinsdale residents (an average contribution will be 8 signatures collected by each player). The petition signers do not need to be paddle players themselves. We also welcome non-residents who have acquired passes for platform tennis to endorse this petition.

Here's what we are saying:

Dear Commissioners and Trustees:

Thank you for your continuing efforts to understand and to respond to the needs of our community.

The Village of Hinsdale has recognized that we are facing a shortage of platform tennis courts. In the November 2001 Comprehensive Parks Facilities Master Plan, a solution to this problem was identified:

"The two existing platform tennis courts located in Burns Field should be relocated to KLM with the addition of two new platform tennis courts. The four new courts should be located in the southeast portion of the park. A warming building with restrooms should be constructed adjacent to the new platform tennis courts."

I urge the Village of Hinsdale to proceed now with its plans for adding platform tennis courts and to complete this project in 2004.

Platform Tennis Petition

Players will receive copies of the petition during the week of October 27 through the team captains. Please do your part to expand this valuable Hinsdale Parks program