Monday, January 19, 2004

520 Letters & Petitions to Date

From a letter dated January 19, 2004 ...

"Dear Commissioners and Trustees:

"Thank you for your continuing efforts to understand and to respond to the needs of our community.

"The Village of Hinsdale has recognized that we are facing a shortage of platform tennis courts. After an exhaustive evaluation of its master plan and years of discussions with Hinsdale residents, the Parks Commission recently concluded that four platform tennis courts should be built at Katherine Legge Memorial Park during 2004. Your tireless efforts on behalf of Hinsdale’s parks are being applauded across our community.

"Paddle players have demonstrated a growing enthusiasm for the sport by sending 29 letters to your commission. In addition, we have been circulating petitions and to date have garnered support from 461 Hinsdale residents and 30 non-residents for the project. (You might note that many of the non-residents who endorsed a petition are pass holders). The attached petitions bring the total number of documents presented to 520. We are looking forward to seeing the KLM Paddle Facility come to life and hope that you find it heartening to see this show of support from Hinsdale."

Platform Tennis Petition Results