Thursday, February 12, 2004

Pledge $upport for the KLM Paddle Facility

After years of discussion, the Hinsdale Parks Commission has budgeted money for the construction of four platform tennis courts and a warming hut in the southeast corner of Katherine Legge Memorial Park. The two existing courts at Burns Field will remain there. The new facility at KLM will not only provide much needed court time to current players, but also an opportunity for continued growth of our sport.

A Task Force has been established by the Parks Commission to implement this project. Local architects Vince Caprio and Jim Prisby are designing the new facility. In order to provide great views of all four courts, the 750 square foot warming hut will be raised two feet above the court deck and include a series of large windows.

For the new facility to be ready for next season, two things must happen right away:

1. By the end of February, we need to demonstrate the support of our community and secure pledges to supplement funding that the Village of Hinsdale has allocated for the project.

2. By the middle of April, the Parks Commission and Village Board need to approve a comprehensive plan for the new facility and authorize the Task Force to proceed with contractors.

The Task Force has refined cost estimates for the project and the ongoing expenses of operating the expanded facilities. The Task Force will recommend revisions the fee structure in order to offset the increased costs of operating two facilities.

Although the Village of Hinsdale has been generous in funding $347,000 for this project, this funding is not enough to build a warming hut ideal for viewing paddle. Donations from players will be necessary for the project to proceed. We hope that you are excited to see this effort under way and that you will support these efforts to create this fabulous new facility by making a pledge.

Invoices will be sent by June 1. Donations will be due by June 30 and are tax deductible. The tax exempt number for the Village of Hinsdale is #E9997-4436-04.

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