Thursday, May 06, 2004

Well-Deserved Appreciation

We would like to offer thanks to everyone who gathered petitions, attended Village meetings, or made a pledge. This wonderful outcome wouldn't have happened without your help.

We all owe gratitude to the Keller family for creating a paddle program in Hinsdale, Bill O'Brien for his dedication in developing the hundreds of players active in paddle, and Charlie Usher for his vision for where the Hinsdale paddle community ought to be going.

A special thanks to Jim Prisby and Vince Caprio, the architects who donated their time to designing the new facilities and helped us keep the project on track for opening next fall.

The volunteers on the Parks Commission and Village staff deserve credit for moving this project along so quickly. Commission Chairman Paul Sigfusson has guided our plans through the difficult terrain of local government. Andy Stephens and Keith Medick did double-duty as members of both the Parks Commission and the KLM task force. Bob Kotula has been a supporter throughout the process and will no doubt be instrumental in completing the construction phase. We are blessed to have so many capable people supporting our sport.

Now we can all look forward to the end of summer and the beginning of the 2004-05 paddle season. Congratulations and see you soon at KLM.