Monday, November 01, 2004

Village Board Committee Considers an Extension for Lights at KLM

On Monday evening, the ACA (a sub-committee of the Village of Hinsdale Board) met to discuss the Parks Commission recommendation to allow platform tennis lights to remain on until 10:30 PM.

Trustee Michael Woerner expressed concern about the precedent this establishes.

Trustee Laura Johnson was worried about a complaint received by the Village about the lights being on past 10 PM. She suggested the problem was one of "time management" of paddle players.

Paul Wiggin explained that the league plays 3 nights each week and that the courts are shared by 32 players. The first 16 begin at 7 PM, some driving from as far away as Chicago or Lake Bluff to play the match. The second round begins as soon as possible, but it isn't always possible to be finished by 10 PM.

Phil VanSlooten reported that the Parks Commission weighed the pros and cons and thought that the extra 15 minutes of light was acceptable as a trial.

The ACA voted 4-0 to grant a 10:30 PM lights out rule for 30 days. During their next meeting, they are hoping to hear any complaints about lighting from the Burr Ridge residents (the ones who have been vandalizing the KLM fence).