Monday, December 20, 2004

Hinsdale Paddle Passholders Triples in Four Years

The Village of Hinsdale has been seeing a remarkable increase in passholders for platform tennis. The number of players has tripled in 4 years!

411 for 2004 YTD
237 for 2003
215 for 2002
138 for 2001
114 for 2000

We are relieved that putting through the large increases in fees (from 150% to 300% increases) hasn't deterred interest. Speaking of buying a pass, if you haven't already done so, here are the forms for first-time passholders and renewals.

Village Paddle Passes - First-Timers 2004-05.doc
Village Paddle Passes 2004-05.doc

Noteworthy for the addicted paddlers among us:

There is no longer a limit for prime-time play. The HPTA recommended and the Parks Commission approved the lifting of the once/week rule on reservations.

The Village of Hinsdale reports that reservations YTD through November have totalled 365. This is twice the prior YTD count of 182!

And 169 people have taken lessons during the first two sessions of the first year they have been officially available.

2004 has been quite a year for Hinsdale paddle!