Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Burr Ridge Neighbors Speak at Parks Commission

The Parks Commission listened for well over one hour on Monday night to the comments of a dozen residents of Burr Ridge. The neighbors nearby the KLM paddle courts were asking for many things: additional landscaping, enforcement of noise rules, formal notice of changes, reduced operating hours in the morning, reduced operating hours in the evening, and others.

Bill O'Brien responded as HPTA President in his usual friendly and encouraging manner. He offered help with many of the requests with the exception of reduction in hours. Bill explained that with constrained court capacity, players need the opportunity to play matches on occasion as late as 10:30 PM.

The Parks Commission ultimately took two steps:
1. A 6-1 vote (with Keith Medick objecting) to enforce an 8 AM start time at KLM for paddle. Dogs (and their owners) will continue to be welcome in the park at 5 AM.

2. A sub-committee consisting of two neighbors, two commissioners, and two HPTA representatives will meet to discuss the details for landscaping.

The next step in the political process may be with the Village Board or its ACA sub-committee. More to follow ...