Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Paul's Top 10 Events of the '04-05 Paddle Season

#10 The Battle of Burr Ridge over KLM Operating Hours

Getting permission to play league matches until 10:30 was a nice little win, but our feelings are a little hurt that dogs are now welcome in the park 3 hours before paddlers.

#9 Viking Academy on September 23-25, 2004

The RV pulled up and we knew it was time to get serious about positioning, deck dinks, and aiming for the reset spots on difficult overheads.

#8 Ed and Pat Usher’s Victory at the Intermediates

We should have known. It's in their genes.

#7 First Year of the Lessons by Doten, Lockhart, and Veverka

Who realized there might be lesson programs going every day and that three great instructors might be finding full classes in the inaugural year for a Village program?

#6 Local Superstars Shine All Season

Congrats to Mary Doten, James Goldman, Nancy O’Sullivan, and Charlie Usher on their excellent season at the regional and national tournaments. And they're all still as humble and lovable as ever (well, maybe humble is a tiny stretch for Charlie, but he's always smiling).

#5 League Champions in Series 1, 2, and 11

All nine HPD men's teams finished in the top 4 slots of their respective series. Jack Welch must be envious. Series 1, 2, and 11 finished on top.

#4 Doubling of Passholders in One Year

From 237 passholders last season to more than 475 this season. Think Trustee Laura Johnson recognizes how wrong she was yet about this being a small group of fanatics? Speaking of fanatics, did Schultz really go from series 13 to 11 to 9 to 7 to 5 to 3 all in 4 months?

#3 Reservations Web Site

Doug Brown deserves the bronze medal for implementing on-line reservations. Now if he can only turn his genius for the Internet into some gold like Jeff Bezos and Al Gore did.

#2 Opening of the KLM Paddle Facility

Pardon the indulgence, but I'd say that the silver medal has to go the new KLM facility.

#1 Annual Paddle Party at Salt Creek Club on March 19, 2005

Finally, the top event of the 2004-05 season goes to this Saturday's party at Salt Creek Club, 830 N Madison, Hinsdale. 7 PM start. Be there. The party has to wind up before the tournament finals on Sunday morning can begin.