Monday, March 21, 2005

What a Weekend!

First, congratulations to the winners and runners-up in this weekend's tournaments.

Men's tournaments (including several women!):

1 Jeff Byrnes & Louis Jacobsohn
2 Ryan Edlefson & Marc Veverka

1 Sam Hart & Van Stapleton
2 Dave Leonard & Sam Stout

1 Jim Weil & Bob Westrick
2 Andy Bizub & Michael Lee

Women's tournaments:

1 Molly Hughes & Sue Sprovieri
2 Betsy Bradley & Missy D’Alise

1 Jackie Nelson & Julia Wade
2 Mary Beth Daly & Susan Muir

Second, congratulations to Nancy Ballantine, Mary Doten, and Charlie Usher on putting together the largest and best tournament weekend Hinsdale has ever experienced. (I helped some, too, but thought that being self-congratulatory was gauche.)