Saturday, August 20, 2005

Off-Season Improvements for Hinsdale Paddle

Twenty volunteers converged on KLM in July to make improvements in Katherine Legge Memorial Park. The event proved the truth of the saysing that "many hands make light work".

Charlie Usher, Ed Varin, and Paul Wiggin kicked off the week of activity by putting the skills they learned with the Army Corp of Engineers. They spread a ton of pea gravel between courts 1 and 2.

The big project, though, meant even more toil for the hearty crew of 20. At the outset there were 7 gallons of stain and miles of untreated lumber that made up ramps, railings, and stairs.

By the end of the week, it was nothing short of a decorating miracle. The pressurized lumber had been turned into a thing of great beauty and the KLM facility was a completed work of art.

Many thanks to the kind paddlers who volunteered their time to make our little corner of Hinsdale a little bit nicer. We might have missed a name or two, but many thanks to the entire crew: Bob Borchardt, Patty Doolas, Gary Doten, Graham Hershman, Alfie Bingham, Rob Foster, Chuck Herbst, Steve Issleib, Gary Klein, Lynn Kuessner, Steve McClary, Jay Pollitt, Chris Schaefer, Charlie Usher, Ed Usher, Pat Usher, Ed Varin, Jane Veldman, Paul Wiggin, and Donn York.