Thursday, October 20, 2005

Announcing the 2005-06 Women's Open Play Schedule

Mary Doten writes:

"Hi Girls,

"Well we are up and running for a terrific season of Women's Open Play. There are 2 offerings available for women during the week (sorry working girls!)

"There is an Intermediate/Advanced group that has courts reserved from 9-10:30 on Thursday mornings. This level has good screen skillsand court positioning. Coordinator: Margaret Hawn (h)630-850-7628 (cell) 630-850-9440

"The Advanced Beginner/Intermediate group will meet on Fridays from 9-10:30 and will be able to consistently get in most of their serves. This group is still working on mastering those screens. Coordinator:

"In order to signup you will need to be a passholder. Go to the Hinsdale Paddle Reservation page at . Click on Event Signup. Find the level of Open Play for which you are signing up and click on your name. If you have not gotten your pass yet or want to bring a guest, call Linda at Parks and Recreation 630-789-7090 and she can enter your name as a guest. There is a $5 guest fee. There is a limit as to how often she will do this, so get that pass! You can register up until Wednesday at 8:00 pm for the Thursday group and Thursday at 8:00pm for the Friday group. Then, simply check the website after your cutoff time to make sure that your court has 4 players. If your court did not fill, do not show up. If all courts fill you can sign up on the waitlist. If your plans change, please be courteous of the other players, delete your name and advance any players on the waitlist. The coordinator will rotate you on courts and make sure all runs smoothly.

"We are excited about the additional opportunities for women to enjoy this great game of paddle and hope that you all will take advantage of this new program."