Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hinsdale Players at the Series Tournaments

Ed Usher offers this recap of the series tournament:

"Congratulations to all 30 of our HPD Players who participated in the Series’ Tournament. This is great for our program, and I am sure that all entrants found tournament-play to be great fun and a terrific way to improve their game. Lessons learned will benefit you come playoff time.

Special Congratulations go out to the UNSEEDED team of Dumon/Holland for winning the 7,8,9 tournament. Winning 5 straight matches in 2 days while knocking out the #4, #6, & #2 seeds is a terrific accomplishment.
Congratulations also go out to several semifinalists:

Series 4,5,6 – Maltby/Pollitt and Bowman/Hart each lost 3-set semifinal matches.

Series 7,8,9 – Herbst/O’Reilly encountered a tough 3-set semifinal loss.

Series 10,11,12 – Figora/McCarthy reached the semis, losing to eventual champions - score unknown.

There were many other noteworthy wins by our HPD participants, but I’ll leave it up to those guys to toot their own horns around the clubhouse. You can also view the results under “Tournament” section of the league website"