Friday, March 10, 2006

Nine HPD and One HGC Team Advance to the Semi-Finals on Monday

Round One
HPD 1 I lost to Lake Shore AC, 9-5
HPD 2 I lost to Bath & Tennis, 8-6
HPD III over Winnetka1, 10-4
HPD IV over Sunset Ridge, 7-6
HPD V over Indian Hill, 9-3
HPD VII over Evanston, 12-1
HPD VIII over Indian Hill, 9-3
HPD X over Rolling Meadows, 9-3
HPD XII over Indian Hill, 12-0
HPD XIV advances with a bye
HPD XV over Winnetka2, 12-1

Hinsdale Golf Club went 1 for 4
HGC II finished 9th and didn't qualify
HGC VI lost to Lake Forest, 7-8
HGC XIII over Lake Shore CC, 9-4
HGC XIV lost to Sunset Ridge, 1-12

More to follow ...