Thursday, March 16, 2006

Seven HPD Teams Win League Finals!

- HPD3 upset the highly-esteemed group over at Exmoor 10-4 and are feeling terrible regret about all the pyschological pain that must have caused

- HPD4 eked out a 7-6 win over Winnetka

- Series 5 had only 7 of the regular players and lost 10-4 to a tough Five Seasons squad

- Series 7 tied Valley Lo on both points and games, but won court one and took the match

- Series 8 won a convincing 9-5 victory over Tennaqua

- Series 12 won 10-4 a Winnetka team

- Series 15 spanked their Tennaqua opponents 12-1

There will be 70+ handsome navy championship hats showing up at KLM to go along with the 70+ championship mugs won in the regular season.

Quite a season for HPD! Six teams finished both first during the regular season and then also won the playoffs. Series 3 came in third during the regular season, but won the playoffs. Series 5 won the regular season, but came in second in the playoffs. On top of all that, HPD had two teams competing for the first time ever in series I this season!