Sunday, June 18, 2006

Paddle Hours to be Discussed by Hinsdale Parks Commission

On Monday, June 19, at 6:45 PM, the Parks & Recreation Commission will begin their monthly meeting at the village pool and return to Village Hall at about 7:15 PM. Their agenda calls for a discussion of "paddle tennis hours".

Apparently the Village of Hinsdale's President, Michael Woerner, asked that the Parks Commission consider the hours at KLM at the request of politicians from Burr Ridge.

In recent years, the hours for walking dogs in KLM has been expanded and the morning hours for platform tennis have been reduced. Winter hours for dogs begin at 5 AM and end at 10 PM. Paddlers are currently allowed to play from 8 AM until 10:30 PM. The neighbors in Burr Ridge would like for paddle to end at 9 PM.

Bill O'Brien, HPTA President, will attend the Parks Commission meeting. Anyone interested in the topic is welcome to attend. Check back for updates.