Thursday, August 10, 2006

Village of Hinsdale Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday (8/15) at 7:30 PM

The agenda for Tuesday evening's Village Board meeting includes the issue raised by a few residents of Burr Ridge about an early curfew for KLM Paddle. Players available to attend Tuesday's meeting are encouraged to arrive at 7:30 PM at the Memorial Building.

We were thrilled to see two dozen supporters at last Monday's ACA meeting. With only 8 hours notice for many of us! Thanks to Andy Bizub, Bob Borchardt, Gary Doten, Ed Dunphy, Sam Hart, Jim Mercurio, Kevin McClear, Steve McClary, Bill O'Brien, Bob Schultz, Charlie Usher, Ed Usher, Mont Wickham, and probably a few people I'm forgetting at the moment. (My apologies.) Also, a big thank you to the Parks Commission members who went to yet another meeting to ensure the vitality of our fair Village, including Lynn Isselib, David Lee, Keith Medick, and especially chair Paul Sigfusson. You guys ROCK!