Thursday, September 07, 2006

Four New Hinsdale Park District Traveling Teams (Updated 9/7)

The traveling leagues will be starting during the week of October 9 (one week later than prior seasons).

Hinsdale continues to be one of the fastest growing paddle programs around. This season there will be two new women's teams in the NSWPTA and two new men's teams in the CPTC representing Hinsdale Park District. That will bring the total number of teams for HPD to 15 and mean that more than 150 players will be competing on traveling teams.

In addition to the quasi-Hinsdale team in series 1, the new Hinsdale women's teams will compete in series 8 and series 11.

The structure of both leagues is still being finalized, but the preliminary word for the men's structure looked as follows:

HPD1 (Usher) remains in series 1
HPD1 (Martin) remains
HPD3 remains
HPD4 -> HPD3
HPD5 remains
HPD7 -> HPD6
+ New HPD6 team
HPD8 remains
HPD10 remains
HPD12 -> HPD11
HPD14 -> HPD13
HPD15 -> HPD14

+ New HPD15 team

Rosters will be drawn up and announced in September.