Sunday, October 01, 2006

Governor Mitt Romney to Lead 2007 Paddle Academy According to paddle enthusiasts close to the scene (aka Bernie Hancock), Governor Mitt Romney, a long-time paddle fanatic, has agreed to lead the Hinsdale Paddle Academy in September 2007. Romney said "Since I'm not ever running again in Beantown, I'll be in between jobs next September."

Romney is pictured here with local paddler Gary Klein, explaining how he generates a wicked inverse spin against his liberal opponents.

Romney became known in national paddle circles in 2002 when he floated the idea of paddle as an olympic sport in Salt Lake City.

Romney brings many weapons to the paddle court, not the least of which is his infamous big dig out of the backhand corner. Three-time national champion Mary Doten is reportedly considering whether to work along side the controversial republican figure.