Friday, November 17, 2006

Paddle Man Law (Update 4)

Men of the Square Court:

Your partner has faulted twice and put you behind in a must-win game. Is it permissable to hand him the ball and tell him to just get the damn serve in?

No, my child. This game is about joy, not about winning. You are all about being a good partner, not the match score. A well-schooled partner returns the ball to his partner with kind confidence and tells the server in a gentle voice (sounding like Ben Kingsley in Gandhi) ... "You must be the paddler you want to see in the world".

Is it permissable for a man to wear corduroys for paddle?

Being a high-styling retro dummy can be in the realm of manly, but never ever, is it permissable for that same paddle man to scream watered-down epithets on the square court after a missed shot. No "Fiddlefarts!" and other goofy-goober phrases. Keep it to yourself, like a real man.

Man law.