Saturday, November 25, 2006

Triumph in the Red Zone for Martin and Usher (which Usher, you ask?)

Wade Martin and Ed Usher edged out Clay Leonard and Bob Schultz in a three-set match Saturday to take the A Draw at "The Billy O Tourney". Tournament co-director Gary Doten is pictured here with the eponym himself (great word, isn't that? Still, not half as great as the Great Billy O).

With half of the draw filled with Ushers, had Martin/Usher as "even" odds and gave the "trifecta" as 3:1 -- that's the odds against a winning team lacking one of the Usher boys. Before the big day, it seemed to only be a question of whether it'd be Charlie, Ed, or Pat that had to sit out the finals.

Ed ("three-time tourney winner") Usher and Wade ("making the impossible seem easy") Martin toyed with their opponents in the opening and semi-finals, taking both to a third-set breaker before destroying their spirit.

Clay ("stepping in, but not a substitute for Sam Hart") Leonard and the Great Bob Schultz had a much tougher time of it in early round matches. The pair became distracted as Natalya Sagdiyev served the first point, revealing her limited use of undergarments.

Their luck got worse as brother Borat insisted that Schultz serve from the red, but the match turned around for our local heroes once they decided to go along with Borat's insistence about singing Kazakh tunes through the second and third sets.

After that challenge, Eddie Dunphy and James Goldman couldn't throw anything at the duo they weren't going to handle. Ultimately, however, the odds were against Clay and Bob going all the way once those Kazakh folk songs entered their repertoire.