Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well-Dressed Visitor from Kazakhstan enters Red Zone

Perhaps he misunderstood the idea of the "red zone", but it looks as though the Billy O Tourney over Thanksgiving weekend is filling up. Contact before it's too late!

On the entry form, Borat says: "My name Borat. I journalism for Kazakhs. I go to U, S, and A to help my country. My have 20/20 clear vision and a sound execution, just like your Hinzdales, by hanging. I grate parks, drinking publicly, entrying the red zones, and build the infrared structure. My sister services policies. Hinzdales platform saids soluting, exploring, and the grouping will valuate a remedies to apartment complexes and municipality tissues. I anticipated problems, facitious challenges, and interdependencies with my brothers and sisters in Kazakhstan. Giving you the well-researched principals you dessert. My strategic direction enough for million tenge $ spended for Village 20/25 plans. Community will be adopted by neighboring, just like my country by Soviets. "

It has come to our attention that Borat was following the adage "When in Kazakhstan, do as the Kazakhs do". Borat had come across some text from the Village of Hinsdale's million dollar project to "strategize" and mistaken it for English. That statement goes as follows:

"Platform Statement: Hinsdale 2025 will help integrate the land use, zoning, community character, transportation, parking, housing, environmental issues, economic development, public infrastructure and public service policies of the community. The Solution Exploration Groups will evaluate a range of remedies to complex municipal issues and anticipate new problems, challenges and interdependencies. A well-researched and principled strategic direction respecting the goals, values and community character of the Village will then be adopted for implementation."