Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Just the Facts, ma'am"

The Doings newspaper reports today that Hinsdale police investigators are so busy that they are taking their work home with them. Investigator Thomas Yehl said "There are just not enough hours in an eight-hour day to get everything done." Chief Bradley Bloom added "Things are getting busy here. I'm not exactly sure why."

Could all that extra work have anything to do with the paddle dragnet? One might wonder if three months of nightly visits to the KLM paddle facility might just be a wee bit of overkill. We might hope that the thieves that have rifled through 76 Hinsdale automobiles year-to-date would be more of a priority than watching a paddle match. But while smoking, lights out, and prohibition have been an overblown village priority, there has been a 375 percent increase in a real crime in our community. W W J F D? Maybe Joe would form a "solutions exploration group" to study strategic police priorities?