Friday, March 09, 2007

Hinsdale Men's Teams Progress into Semi-Finals

Seven of the thirteen men's teams for Hinsdale Park District survived first-round matches and will play on Monday.
Four of these matches will be held locally at 7 PM on Monday night.

HPDI-2 led by Wade Martin (pictured) is hosting Saddle & Cycle at KLM. Monday night could be particularly fun for Wade's team as Saddle's team includes Scott Mansager, Bill Fiedler, and other nationally ranked talent. Hinsdale PD won both matches against Saddle, but forfeits played a role in otherwise close matches.

HPD VI-2 led by Ed Dunphy is hosting Tennaqua at KLM

HPD XIII led by Jay Novatney is playing at Hinsdale Golf Club against Gates Ryans XIIIs

HPD XV led by Matt Joyce is hosting Sunset Ridge XV at Burns Field