Friday, January 04, 2008

HPTA Board Elections Certified

The HPTA election of 2007 wound up as we rang in the new year on December 31st. Congratulations to:

Mary Doten, reelected as Vice President (term 2007-2009)
Susie Dunphy, elected as Vice President (term 2007-2009)
Ed Usher, reelected as Vice President (term 2007-2009)
Paul Wiggin, reelected as Vice President (term 2007-2009)

Results have subsequently been certified by the firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, LLP. We'd like to thank our travel coordinator, Althea Around, our Swedish attorney, Bjorn Liar, our staff mediator, Sue First, our PR Director, Bea Esser, our staff philosopher, Wanda Y. Datso, our help desk coordinator, Dan Diffino, our head of security, Barb Dwyer, our head of buildings and grounds, Moe D'Lawn, our director of long-range strategic planning, Kay Sera, our director of global warming, Nomar Winter, and our director of ethics, U. Lyon Sack.