Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Platform Tennis News

This excerpt is take from Chuck Vasoll's latest issue of Platform Tennis News:

"I gave the “beta” site an “Add-In” in my last issue and was pleased to hear from Paul Wiggin (by e-mail) thanking me for the compliment. We have had further communication (by e-mail) as he asked me to review the Hall of Fame presentation on the “beta” site authored by Bob Brown and Taylor Bowen. This item was already “in the can” (as they say in movie production) awaiting presentation on the existing web site. Mr. Wiggin finally caught up with it and put it on the site. The background of the sport, by the individuals who did so much for it, is presented in a very attractive manner. It is an excellent presentation and well worth the few minutes it takes to check it out. Click HERE to see it.

"Mr. Wiggin also gives a glimpse of the future for the site. He mentions an improved process to record membership and tournament registration, which will go on-line. He issues an invitation to contribute to the site, either once or throughout the season. The “beta” site has made a good start and here’s hoping that the new APTA site can live up to its promise."