Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finals for the Men's Traveling Teams - Four Hinsdale Teams

On Wednesday night, March 12th, beginning at 6:30 PM, the men's league finals begin. All HPD and HGC players are encouraged to turn out to cheer and enjoy a fun party at Glen View Club.

Series I Onwentsia vs Glen View at Glen View
Series II Hinsdale GC vs Sunset Ridge at Glen View
Series III Sunset Ridge vs Glen View at Evanston
Series IV Skokie vs Five Seasons at Valley Lo
Series V Saddle & Cycle vs Sunset Ridge at Sunset Ridge
Series VI Sunset Ridge vs Winter Club at Lake Forest
Series VII Knollwood vs Hinsdale PD at Exmoor
Series VIII Skokie vs Sunset Ridge at Lake Shore CC
Series IX Exmoor vs Indian Hill at Indian Hill
Series X Michigan Shores vs Hinsdale PD at Winnetka
Series XI Winter Club vs Skokie at Skokie
Series XII Hinsdale PD vs North Shore at North Shore
Series XIII Sunset Ridge vs Michigan Shores at Michigan Shores
Series XIV Lake Shore AC vs Westmoreland at Westmoreland
Series XV North Shore 1 vs Glen View at Tennaqua