Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hinsdale's Big Guns

Hinsdale's travel teams continue to expand and to prosper in the Chicago leagues. A total of 22 teams (5 women's and 17 men's) are competing this season from Hinsdale Park District, more than tripling the number from 5 years ago.

Being a bigger system, the folks overseeing the teams are ever watchful for players rostered below their level of competition. Opportunities arise for movement between the teams at the outset of the season and often during it. Margaret Hawn and Jay Pollitt play this role for the HPTA and are on the lookout for Hinsdale's big guns. Along those lines, here are the top scorers in league play so far this season.

Big guns from the Women's teams (13+ pts):

Patti Coyle, 5-0, series VII
Missy D'Alise, 5-0, series I
Tricia Enright, 4-1, series IX

Big guns from the Men's teams (16+ pts):

Matt Ludington, 7-2, series III
Jim Williams, 7-1, series XIV
Doug DeClue, 6-1, series X
Mike Vidmar, 6-0, series X
Joe Schwab, 6-0, series XV
Jerry Attlan, 6-0, series VIII
Jim Hamman, 5-2, series X
Todd Marquardt, 5-1, series V
Jeff Bingham, 5-1, series VII