Saturday, November 29, 2008

Red Zone D'ay for the D'Alise's

Missy D'Alise and Stephanie Stapleton triumphed in the women's red zone tournament on Saturday morning.

The ladies are, of course, pictured here with the infamous "Billy O", after whom this charity event is named. In a new tradition, Missy and Stephanie were awarded the coveted haute couture red velvet " red zone champ" jackets, designed by Chanel, and carefully embroidered with the finest silk thread.

Not to be outdone, Missy's husband Steve D'Alise prevailed in the Men's C Final on Saturday afternoon with partner Dave Brown. The duo outlasted John Pierce and Ed Pound in a tough three-set final. The C draw winners will be awarded their special "red zone champ" silk boxers in a private ceremony.