Sunday, March 15, 2009

Illinois Married Mixed Tourney

Andy Bizub reports that:

"As an enticement to all those couples from Hinsdale who maybe had considered playing in the Married Mixed Tourney this weekend but did not, I thought I would share some of our experience. The Stapletons, the Schwartz's, and me and my wife Libby were representing Hinsdale at the tournament, and I heard numerous times, "what's with the paddle program down in Hinsdale, you guys are always so competitive in leagues and in tournaments?". All I could respond was that we had a really strong program with fun people who play A LOT.

"In case you had not seen the results, the Schwartz's captured 2nd place, losing in the finals, and the Stapletons took 4th, losing in the semi's of the Championship draw. My wife and I took 4th also, losing in the semi's of the B draw, which I was happy with since my wife Libby was on a paddle court for the 2nd time in her life!

"You should post something to let people know that if they considered entering this tournament but held off, to definitely try to do it next year. It was an absolute blast! Great people, good competition, and an all-around fun day."