Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plan Commission Approves New Courts at KLM

In a compromise with Burr Ridge, the Hinsdale plan commission approved a site permit for two new paddle tennis courts at Katherine Legge Memorial Park Wednesday night.

However, under the intergovernmental agreement with the neighboring village, no more courts can be built at the park within the next five years.

Included the intergovernmental agreement is the exact placement of the courts, the hours of play, the drainage and landscaping plan.

The deal gives the go-ahead for two new courts — bringing the park’s total to six courts — and five additional parking spaces.

The idea to build more courts came from the Hinsdale Paddle Tennis Association, a local organization whose membership has increased beyond the capacity of the village’s current set up.

The HPTA received permission from the village board to solicit for donations and sell lifetime memberships in order to finance the two courts, which will end up costing about $150,000, parks and recreation director Gina Hassett said Wednesday.