Monday, March 21, 2011

HPTA Mission Statement

The Hinsdale Platform Tennis Association (HPTA) is an Illinois not-for-profit established in 2004 to serve its community nearly 1,000 players from three Hinsdale area clubs. Its all-volunteer board is elected by membership vote.

The HPTA’s mission is to:
• Promote the enthusiasm among current players for the sport;
• Increase the participation in platform tennis among all types of people;
• Be advocates for the interests of the platform tennis community.

We accomplish this mission by:
• Ongoing conversations with our fellow paddle players about what works and what doesn’t; and by developing a diverse board that represents the whole community.
• Working with our fellow paddle players, our member clubs, the Chicago platform tennis league, the APTA, and the Village of Hinsdale on behalf of our members; HPTA Board members Bill O’Brien and Paul Wiggin currently serve on the CPTC and APTA boards.
• Running dozens of events each season, including free clinics for juniors, a house league for women, the Hinsdale Challenge (APTA national ranking tournaments), the Billy O Red Zone Tournament, and the Hinsdale Open;
• Creating an offering of free clinics, beginner coaching sessions, and professional classes that are open to the public;
• Funding, building, expanding, and maintaining the platform tennis facility at KLM, in cooperation with Village staff;
• Communicating through the web site and other means;
• Operating platform tennis programs at KLM under a license agreement with the Village of Hinsdale.

Annual support from Hinsdale players is vital to our success:
• Hinsdale Park District players currently contribute $35 annually; Hinsdale Golf Club and Salt Creek Club members contribute $10 annually. We hope you agree that the HPTA is a great value!