Saturday, April 30, 2011

Burr Ridge approves agreement on KLM platform tennis courts

From the Doings:

Four members of the Burr Ridge Village Board begrudgingly agreed to a deal Monday concerning the construction of two more platform tennis courts at Katherine Legge Memorial Park in Hinsdale.

The intergovernmental agreement between Burr Ridge and Hinsdale aims to offer some relief to neighbors of Hinsdale's KLM Park, who for years have complained of noise, lights and water runoff from the park's four existing courts.

“I would fashion this as a compromise,” Village Administrator Steve Stricker said of the agreement put before the board. “We got some things, we didn't get everything.”

Stricker said Burr Ridge officials had asked that the proposed courts be moved further from the nearby homes, that lights be turned off at 10 p.m. and that a permanent moratorium be placed on additional courts.

The approved agreement calls for lights to be turned off at 10 p.m. on some courts and at 10:30 p.m. on others. One of the two courts was moved in accordance with Burr Ridge's wishes, and a five-year moratorium also is part of the agreement.

The agreement, which was to go before the Hinsdale Village Board for approval on Tuesday, also calls for landscaping and drainage improvements.

Burr Ridge trustee David Allen is among the residents on Laurie Lane, just east of KLM, whose property is affected by the platform tennis courts. He said water runoff from the courts has been a problem since they were built in 2004. The back yards and streets of his neighborhood fill with water that flows from the park.

Trustee Robert Sodikoff said he voted in favor of the agreement only because he believes Burr Ridge has exhausted its options regarding Hinsdale and its platform tennis courts.