Monday, March 18, 2013

The Winning Warriors

From Rick Gallwas (chair of the Warrior League):

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Warrior League this year.

The playoffs we're this past Saturday with my team "Stack and Hook" winning Flight A, Vince Ruggiero's "Spankers" winning Flight B and Pat Read's "Fully Loaded" winning Flight C. Enjoy the Pilsner glasses you won!

The regular season winners we're Brian Freel's "Team GFY" for Flight A, Vince Ruggiero's "Spankers" for Flight B and Pat Read's "Fully Loaded" for Flight C. We hope you all had a great time, we're challanged and met some new people during the season.
Left to Right: Tom McCleary (series 9), Sam Stout (Regular Season and Playoff MVP), Perry Yates (14), Vince Ruggiero (10 and Team Captain), Adam Fromm (8, Best Season Record), and Greg Wenstrup (14). Not Pictured: Gary Wenstrup (10), Andrew Bizup (9), Andy Flynn (10) and John Griffin (9).