Monday, April 05, 2004

Step 1 of 2 Completed on April 5 for Authorizing the Bidding for KLM

A committee that includes 4 of 7 Village trustees (the "ACA") voted in favor of the Parks Department request to bid construction of 4 courts and the warming hut at KLM. Trustees Blomquist, Ellis, and Woerner voted in favor. Trustee Johnson voted against. The Village Board has a meeting April 6 and we anticipate that afterwards the village staff will be authorized to proceed.

Given that some opposition to the project is entrenched, we'll aim to get a large turnout (e.g. 50) of paddle players to the May 3 ACA meeting and the May 4 Village Board meeting where we're hoping to officially award the bids.

So, please mark your calendars for 7:30 PM on May 3 and May 4!

My thanks to Nancy Ballantine, Patti Doolas, Mary Doten, Keith Medick, Bill O'Brien, Tina Porterfield, Andy Stephens, Charlie Usher for taking time out for tonight's meeting.