Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Trustees Vote 5-1 in Favor on April 6
{Step 2 of 2 for Authorizing the Bidding for the KLM Facility}

There was only a 10- or 15-minute discussion at the Village Board meeting about going out to bid for the paddle courts and warming hut. Trustee Laura Johnson raised her objections again to spending money on adult recreation instead of asphalt. President Faulstich corrected Ms. Johnson with Village Manager Bo Proczko's help about a complaint that the five-year streets plan was incomplete.

Trustee Mike Woerner suggested that the board discuss how variances (favorable or unfavorable) in the project budget might be treated when bids are ready for review. A good thought, but no one really bit on that question.

Once again, Dr. Paul Sigfusson represented the task force plan deftly. Dr. Sigfusson pointed out that after this initial investment by the Village of Hinsdale, the platform tennis program should be more than self-sustaining (in contrast to the previous topic where the Board commited to increase its annual award to the Hinsdale Center of the Arts by $50,000).

Fortunately, there were pressing issues like parking to be discussed, so the discussion closed with a vote 5-1 in favor of getting bids for the project.

The next steps are likely to be more difficult. Once again, we'd urge you to set aside time on your calendars for the next two meetings ...

Please mark your calendars for 7:30 PM on May 3 and May 4! We want to have "standing room only" (e.g. 80 players) at these (hopefully) last two meetings to demonstrate support for this great new facility when the authorization to award bids will be considered.

Once again, my thanks to Nancy Ballantine, Bill O'Brien, Tina Porterfield, Andy Stephens, Charlie Usher for taking time out for tonight's meeting.