Saturday, June 26, 2004

Update about the Building Schedule and Interiors

There has been some action at Village Hall this past week:

- A gameplan for bringing gas service to the paddle facility was developed
- A series of clarifications were made to the architectural plans to satisfy the myriad of code requirements
- The set of permits needed to proceed with the warming hut were issued

During the week of June 28, we're expecting:
- Reilly Green Mountain to begin work on the second court
- All-Bry to finish the basement and crawl space floors for the hut


We've been spending an unusual amount of time at Home Depot lately and gathering photographs when surfing the web. Take a peek at these notes and let me know what questions or comments come to mind.

Warming Hut Interiors [Download size 2 Megabytes -- MS-Word document]


Lake Forest:

North Shore:

Winter Club: