Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Keycard Access to Be Replaced on Monday (Letter from Carrie Haupert)

Dear Paddle Tennis Enthusiast:

Great news! We are replacing the old key card system with a new and improved computerized key system at the KLM Paddle Hut. This new system will allow us to have more key holders than our current system. The new system is scheduled to be installed and available for use on Monday, October 23.

New keys will be available at the Parks and Recreation Department, located on the lower level of Village Hall – 19 East Chicago Avenue. The keys will begin being available for purchase as of Thursday, October 19 between the hours of 8 AM – Noon and 1 – 5 PM. You will need to complete a brief form and pay an $11 fee for each key you request. There is a limit of two keys per household. Lost keys will be replaced at the cost of $10 per key.

The new system utilizes Key Fobs with internal computer chips that can be attached to your key ring for easy access. Simply slide the key fob across the security unit and the door will open.

Also enclosed is a new Paddle Tennis Court Reservation Special Event form. This form must be filled out and returned with the $100 deposit for any private parties to be held at the Paddle Hut.

Please call the Parks and Recreation Department if you have any questions regarding the new system at 630/789-7090.

Carrie A. Haupert, CPRP
Director of Parks and Recreation