Saturday, January 20, 2007

Double-Digit Winners from Hinsdale Park District

Jay Pollitt mentioned an intriguing idea the other day -- We ought to recognize players who propel Hinsdale's traveling teams upward. With that thought in mind, here's a list of the players who have 10 or more wins so far this season.

10-0 Sue Besio (Women's VIII)
13-1 Ed Dunphy (Men's VI)
11-5 Luke Figora (Men's VIII)
10-0 Margaret Hawn (Women's VI)
10-5 Chuck Herbst (Men's VI)
11-0 Matt Joyce (Men's XV)
10-1 Corky King (Men's V)
12-1 Paul Lozanoski (Men's VI)
10-2 Dave Northey (Men's XIII)
10-0 Sarah Opler (Women's VI)
11-3 Donn York (Men's III)

When you see them at the courts, be sure to say "congrats".

No doubt the honor roll will keep growing.