Sunday, April 24, 2011

FAQ - KLM Fundraising Campaign

Q: What is the fundraising goal?
A: $150,000

Q: Is that what two courts cost?
A: The courts are 80% of the project budget. In order to accommodate requests from neighbors, we will also add a considerable amount of landscaping.

Q: Can I e-mail my pledge?
A: Yes. Send it to

Q: When is the pledge due? How about the check?
A: March 31 for the pledge and May 2 for the check.

Q: If the project were to be canceled for unforeseen reasons, would the Village of Hinsdale refund our donation?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the fundraising committee seek donations from players now involved at Hinsdale Golf Club or Salt Creek Club?
A: Yes. Public facilities like KLM play a vital role in the health of platform tennis. We recognize that young families and young adults are more likely to play municipal paddle first and join private clubs later in life. Seeing that connection, and having fond memories of HPD paddle, many members at HGC and SCC have been enthusiastic about adding courts in the park and are donating to the expansion project.

Q: Can current lifetime members make a donation and assign the lifetime membership to someone else (e.g. their child)?
A: Yes

Q: Are the donations tax-deductible?
A: It depends. When you get something in return for a donation, the IRS expects you to deduct the value from the amount you donated. So, if you are receiving the lifetime membership, you would consider its value when you prepare your tax filing. If you are taking a deduction the tax ID for the the Village of Hinsdale is 36-6005930.

Q: Why is the lifetime membership set at a higher level for players living outside of Hinsdale?
A: In addition to owning the park land, the Village of Hinsdale has invested $350,000 in the platform tennis facilities at KLM. This amount from the 2004 construction project will represent about 50% of the total cost of KLM once it has six courts. The other 50% comes from donations made in 2004 and through this fundraising campaign.