Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HPTA Board Meeting on April 17

The HPTA Board met on April 17. Here's a quick recap of the discussion:
  • Fundraising for the KLM courts is complete. We surpassed participation levels from the 2004 campaign and raised 102% of our goal. Invoices and thank you letters will go out in the next two weeks. Payments to the Village are due early in May. Recognition of the generosity of our donors will be given in the KLM Hut and one of the local newspapers.
  • Design, bidding, and construction will begin this spring/summer. The Village will play important roles with permitting and contracts. Conversations will start this week about those efforts.
  • A sub-committee was formed to create formal by-laws for the HPTA. Ed Usher will chair the effort and Kathleen Mulligan, Bill O'Brien, and Jay Pollitt will participate. Target is to present these for a vote in the fall.
  • A Hinsdale league for men will be piloted this fall. Paul Wiggin will coordinate the planning over the summer.
  • Participation at the end-of-season tournament reached a new peak. Along with some great competition, the party was well attended, and the event helped build on the HPTA balance sheet. Ed Usher reported that tthe association has accumulated $37,000 over its 7 years of operation and can make use of those funds as needed for projects and to run programs.