Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Marty 'n Martin Reach Semis in Cincy

Hinsdale teams scored big at the Midwestern Tourney in Cincinnati over the weekend.

Marty Engel and Wade Martin reached the semi-finals before losing to 2nd seeds Blake Cordish and David Caldwell (nationally ranked as 5th). Wade and Marty were so tired after three matches on Saturday that they went to bed early rather than attending a rave where Lindsay Lohan was rumored to be mixing it up.

Sportscenter's Rece Davis reports that
former Hinsdalean Andy Todd teamed with brother Michael and had the misfortune to run into James Goldman and Charlie Usher in the draw. The trash talk between James and Andy was ongoing, loud, and obnoxious. It only concluded when Andy crushed a forehand, hitting James in the nose and bringing immediate blood to the game. James wanted to continue immediately but the others did not want to play while James was bleeding.

When asked if there was a doctor available, opponent Dr. Michael Todd was silent. The only redemption for James was a 3-set victory over the Todd's. Goldman and Usher finished 9th. The Men of the Square Table are considering a censure of Michael Todd for violations of Paddle Man Law and the Hippocratic Oath.